There are a number of different landscaping companies in Ocala and Landscaping Sod & Beyond Inc. is the best landscaping company in Ocala. We offer xeriscaping, designing for an arid climate to intentionally reduce water usage and will also do water features. It may sound strange, but these two things make a great combination in Ocala.

Xeriscaping your property can provide a low maintenance landscape that will not only survive the annual dry season but look great throughout the year. This can help ensure that your landscaping is not a source of maintenance headaches or high expenses. It can help make sure your outdoor space is a sanctuary from the stresses of life rather than one more thing to worry about.


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A water feature can help mitigate the high temperatures of our hot summers. Due to its inland location, every summer, Ocala is one of the hottest cities in Florida. It’s lack of proximity to the coast is part of why it gets so hot. You don’t have to just accept that. You can introduce your own local man-made water feature to help bring down temperatures and keep things more tolerable.

Additionally, water features have been proven to reduce stress and have a calming effect on people. They can also provide natural white noise to block out the sounds of traffic or other local noise. This can help make the outdoor space a quiet, peaceful sanctuary.

Water features are known to have a positive impact on physical health as well. Research has shown that water features can help humidify the air and also release negative ions. If you have respiratory problems, this means that a water feature can not only help you figuratively breathe easier but also literally breathe easier.

Water features are also attractive social spaces. People are drawn to their beauty and calm. This is part of why water features enhance the value of a property: Because they enhance the quality of the human experience.

These benefits can occur in any environment. However, showcasing a water feature in a desert landscape by xeriscaping the area around the water feature instantly heightens the contrast and sense of finding oneself in an oasis. Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial space, you can hire Landscape Sod and Beyond to add the exotic allure of your own private oasis and, thus, thrive all year long, in both dry season and storm season.

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