Pavers By Landscape Sod & Beyond

Our team has been hired to do several concrete paver installations, also known as paving stones, over the years. We have seen an increase in this type of work for both residential and commercial clients.

An advantage of using them is that they can be installed and used immediately if their surface is patterened when pavers are interlocked together.  They are a great way to liven your driveway, patio, etc. because they made in various colors and textures .  One of the best features is that they are removable and you can re-install them, which can be very cost effective.


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Information on Pavers

You have so many choices here in Ocala.  They are a great way to express yourself in your lawn.  They make a great part of landscaping.  Pavers are also a great way to transform your yard into something else.  When using them as part of your landscape design they make a very large impact on your property.  Interlocking concrete pavers will beautify your property and increase its value.  The advantage of using them is that there are numerous colors, finishes and shapes to choose from.  You can use them to create various styles like Contemporary, Craftsman, Mediterranean, etc.

All of these will add immediate value to any property for several key factors.  One, they are guaranteed for life and the manufacturer backed warranty can be transferred from one owner to the next.  Second, they are beautiful pieces of functional art that will add curb appeal to any style home.  In turn, they help sell the house quicker.  Third, they are environmentally friendly and anything that each of us can do to help our environment is a great investment for all of us.  Contact us today at Landscaping, Sod, and Beyond!