Tranquility & Beauty

Having water gardens a part of your landscape design can change the entire atmosphere and vibe of your outdoor living space or a place of tranquility and relaxation that you can enjoy on a daily basis. Many home owners put in water features to turn their outdoor space into a a backyard habitat. There are several ways to design a water garden to fit your lifestyle and within your budget.


Ponds and Waterscapes Information

Whether it be a Koi pond or a small waterfall a pond or waterscape is beautiful and relaxing. It is a great place to sit and enjoy nature without having to leave your home. You can watch the birds, frogs, and other beautiful wildlife right in your very own home. There are so many different configurations you can do with your new pond.

There are several advantages when building a pond that is custom verses a preformed pond. Unlike preformed ponds, custom ponds can be made any shape or size. If you are looking to install a small pond because you want to conserve water, it will actually take about 40 to 50 percent less water to maintain than a lawn that is similar in size.

Ponds and Waterscapes Benefits

  • Ponds and waterscapes are very relaxing.
  • Enjoy wildlife from your back yard.
  • Maintaining a pond does not take a lot of work.
  • Help your outdoor space become a sanctuary from the stresses of the modern world.
  • Ponds can increase the value of your home.