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Ocala St. Augustine Grass


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Are you looking for the best Ocala St. Augustine grass ?  Landscaping, Sod, and Beyond carries sod, grass, sand, mulch, rock, pebbles, and many plants.  Ocala St. Augustine grass has an outstanding emerald green color, soft texture, and is more cold hardy than most other varieties.  Like any other grass, Ocala St. Augustine grass  prefers full sun, but if managed properly will adapt to moderately shaded areas receiving at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day.  Remember that this grass is shade tolerant not shade loving.  Air circulation is important to its survival, so limb those trees up and don’t box it in with eight foot solid privacy fences.

Watering your Ocala St. Augustine Grass

The best time to water your Ocala St. Augustine grass is in the morning, preferably before noon.  This allows the grass to dry before nightfall, reducing the risk of disease.  Take into account recent rainfall when deciding how much to apply.  Watering restrictions may impact how often you can irrigate.  If restrictions mandate watering every other day, the schedules below may be modified to fit the rules.

How to measure the amount of water applied by irrigation:

• Place six identical containers randomly in the area wetted by your sprinkler.
• Plastic cups can be used but weight them down with a heavy washer in the bottom of each.
• Let your sprinkler run for an hour.
• Measure the depth of water that has accumulated in each cup.
• Calculate the average of the depths. This gives you the amount (in inches) that has been applied in an hour.
• Make a mental calculation of how long it will take to apply an inch of water.
• Don’t be surprised if your sprinkler must run for more than an hour to apply the water your lawn needs.

Benefits of Ocala St. Augustine

  • Ocala St. Augustine grass helps filter the water
  • Ocala St. Augustine  grass keeps your yard and house cooler
  • Sod can be ready for play in just weeks
  • Orlando sod is an instant lawn and will not blow or wash away like seeds.
  • Makes your lawn look appealing to yourself and others
  • Increases your property value.

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