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Pool Pavers

A poured concrete deck has many factors that make it a second choice once customers see our pool pavers because our decking system is flexible.  We install our pool pavers over sand so they are able to move when the ground shifts unlike concrete that cracks.

If you need to replace pavers due to being damaged it is very easy.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about concrete decks. Trying to patching and/or match a sprayed or painted deck long after installation.  However, our pavers are much easier to replace and match.


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Information on Pool Pavers

Pool pavers come in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes.  With so many designs and patterns the possibilities are endless. The decking around your pool is one of the most distinguished features of your pool.  Keep in mind that you will most likely keeping it the same for several years.  With that being said, for approximately 5% of the cost of the pool price you can upgrade your pool!  With this in mind you can go as extreme or conservative as you would like.

Pool Pavers Benefits

  • Pool Paves can increase the value of your home.
  • Can brighten up your back yard.
  • Can keep dirt and other debris from tracking into your pool.
  • Comes in many colors and shapes